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AppBlock – Stay Focused (Beat Phone Addiction) v2.5.3


AppBlock – Stay Focused (Beat Phone Addiction) v2.5.3 – AppBlock – Stay Focused is a Program that
Helps you (its customers ) to block deflecting software temporarily on Your device so you can control telephone addiction in college or at work. The blocker program can get activated to get a precise date and time, and When the pre-set period is finished, the obstructed programs may be used again.

Establish your profile Based on the wifi link or Place too (your profile will begin when you get to work ). If Your self-control is feeble, Strict Mode can help you!

Smart productivity program & self-control booster

Utilize AppBlock as your social networking blocker, concentrate timer, and usually a flexible focus program to improve productivity. See why AppBlock is among the best productivity programs and Program to block Programs for Android. Have your focus timer at our block deflecting Program!

How to use:

Our self-control program AppBlock – Stay Focused Is quite simple to use a productivity program. Download & Choose the programs That may look distracting as you’re doing relevant jobs. It’s not only a social networking limiter it’s also:

✔️ Using the program blocker self-control program, you can temporarily block any program
✔️ You can even temporarily block your email and maintain your email off notifications.
✔️ You can set the Social Networking apps time limitation for every day when a Special profile is triggered. By Way of Example, just 20 minutes of Facebook during working time or in college.
✔️ If you do not want to be able to change preferences during obstructing time, use AppBlock Strict Mode that will help you with your self-control
✔️ You can even Disable different notifications for a particular period that will assist you to focus (One significant upgrade: Notification obstructing functions from Android Edition 4.3).

Program’s Characteristics:

Have a look at the program blocker Attributes of this AppBlock Program and find out additional information about how this Usefulness and privacy protector program works for the work-life equilibrium:

✔️ Block application launching: be choosy and selective about program launching,
✔️ Select how long you need to invest in a particular program Every Day If a profile is busy. No more than 15 minutes of Facebook in college or during working hours,
✔️ Block alarms from a specific application: it is possible to prevent undesirable communications,
✔️ Produce profiles with principles for classes of particular applications: you can impose limitations on public visibility,
✔️ Use a timer and then trigger patterns for a chosen time window,
✔️ Guard your AppBlock application using a PIN code: it can improve your Security protocol and solitude settings on your apparatus,
✔️ List of notifications that are blocked, so you do not miss anything
✔️ Profile lock (unlock just when the telephone is attached to charger)
✔️ Strict Mode to lock you AppBlock configurations

AppBlock assists:
☝️ boost your productivity and self-control
Boost quality time with your loved ones
Together with your telephone dependency
With electronic diet – reduce time wastage
✌️ discovering peace (if you want offtime)
☀️ to be anti-social
Reduce display time (phone use )
To concentrate on essential tasks, associations, etc..
With electronic wellbeing
Lower you’re obsessed in your apparatus

Download the program AppBlock – self-evident And remain focused solely on your work. It’s a supportive and Simple approach to boost your productivity and work quality by staying focused on your job just.

If you or your child have ADHD, AppBlock can help you focus and boost your productivity. The result is a high caliber of your job and Loved One’s time.


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