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BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! v2.8.6 MOD ( 3 Version )


BanG Dream Girls band party! v2.8.6 – Persona series alliance is currently on (2/17~2/28)! Do not miss out on The campaigns such as cover, first characters and story Tunes, and login campaigns.

An anime music match, “BanG Fantasy! Women Band Party!” , is an exciting game with controls that are easy! Harness to the Rhythm of coated and over 100 tunes, including game tunes Variations of tunes that are hot from Persona Series such As”Kimi no kioku”, “Reach From The Truth”,”Life Will Change”, and Other cover tunes such as”Silhouette”,”Butter-Fly”,”Guren no more Yumiya”, and “Soul’s Refrain”.

** Google Play Greatest of 2017 – Grand Prize for Players’ Choice Game and Attractive Game** at Japan

Jam Together with all the five girl bands in the match! We are featuring Poppin’Party and Roselia in the cartoon BanG at Fantasy! And match Original rings, Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, and Hello, Happy World!

● Harness into the rhythm of over 100 tunes
● Select from 4 degrees for every tune, EASY / NORMAL / HARD / / EXPERT
● Perform 1-player style or with up to 4 additional gamers and enjoy Japanese arcade rhythm matches
● Collect arcade characters to make your initial group, or to set them each the five official rings
● Train anime characters to enhance their music functionality
● Immerse in every group’s exciting travel towards stardom by using their respective ring tales
● Socialize with cute anime characters, and enjoy their rhythmical activities and discussions
● Discover and explore the town to peek the daily lifestyles of their anime characters

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