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Blank City v1.1.3 MOD ( Invincible )


Blank City v1.1.3 – Top Quality Picture According to Japanese anime Take, slash, crush, and blow off your foes with enchanting, yet mortal women!
A new age of mythical Action RPG. Perform’Blank City’ today!

■ A sudden vanishment of people? A suspenseful and thrilling narrative
-Folks were disappearing across all around the world!
-Locate and collect the guardians from unveiling the facts and save the world as a whole!

■ Completely new cellular activity RPG
-Particular animations and effects for every weapon
-Strike, countertops, and use combos and supreme abilities!

■ Variety of unique characters. Opt for a household of your own choice!
-Miyazawa – blade, Licht – pistol, Liu – gauntlet, Ansley – scythe
-Produce a tag team with watchers that match your playstyle

■ Quicker! Stronger! Power your watchers!
-All substances are accessible through gameplays!
-Equip your watchers with most top gears!
-Level up! Rank up! Many methods to enable watchers!

■ For collectors – Elemental Stones
-Gather and equip E. Stones (total of 5 components ) to fortify your watchers!
-Fantastic artworks which produce your collections glow!

■ Many enjoyable modes to perform with!
-[Scenario]: Play through the narrative and power your watchers!
-[Challenge]: Total various missions and make exclusive rewards!
-[PVP]: Fight others and show them everything you have got!

*Smartphone App Access Authorization

▶Access Authorization
Requesting access authorization to Supply the following services:

[Desired Access Authorization]

[Optional Access Authorization]

※ Users aren’t required to permit optional accessibility permission. Nevertheless, this will limit access to related capabilities.
※ Optional access authorization Isn’t available for versions before Android 6.0. Updating to version 6.0 or later is suggested.
※ Some programs may not provide optional accessibility permission.

▶Revoking App Permissions
Users may reset or revoke permissions after granting access.

[OS 6.0 or Later]
Settings > Manage Programs > Select App > Display > Grant/Revoke Permission

[Versions Before OS 6.0]
Update OS and revoke permissions, or delete the program.

** Some in-game things need money purchases. Additional fees may apply.
** RAM 3.0GB or higher is required to operate Blank City.


blank city screenshot Screenshot 1blank city screenshot Screenshot 2blank city screenshot Screenshot 3blank city screenshot Screenshot 4

  1. One hit will kill.
  2. Invincible.
File Size APK MOD : 36 MB

File Size OBB : 1 GB

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