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Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops v1.4.0 ( Money )


Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops v1.4.0 – Currently with WorldWide Multiplayer! It is Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops, an enjoyable pixel gun FPS!!

First person shooter games with vibrant block globe fashion images and tight controls? Wish to cleanse the world of terrorist scum and burst Buddies in furious death games online!? Answer the call of duty! Perform Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops!

As the top Representative of the elite Ghost Ops staff, you must complete Dangerous multiple Assignments. Terrorists have set up the foundation and are plotting a nuclear strike! You Have to hold them off for as long as you can and Guard yourself and the entire world together with your wits, rapid reflexes and some other Weapon you may find! Ninjas have obtained within the public archives! Stop them! Tanks and miniature gun wielding menaces stand at all! The destiny of The world rests on your shoulders! It’s your destiny! Have you got what It requires? Conquer your foes with accuracy!

The enemies will Burst into a heap of cubes! Gather the cubes and use them. To craft updates and devise new weapons! These updates will Provide you a Leg up in your enemy! Guns will look as you conquer your foes. Equip The ak47, laser weapon, grenade launcher, RPG or even some different guns and Crush the enemy AI! No other MC miniature mod design sport has an effort like this one!

Select your skin! Update your weapons! Defeat new and old friends in globally multiplayer death matches! Use you rapid reflexes, burst your foe into Cubes accumulate the cubes and craft them to amazing upgrades!!

Update Your common issue automated weapon or unlock the RPG! Take out foes With a single shot with the coveted Golden Gun or Flame Thrower! Earn new Skins and reveal your design on the Battlefield!

More than 25 costumes to dress your personality in! More skins coming All of the time That means it’s possible to unleash their overall look and then strut your stuff on the battle!

More Content and Techniques Coming soon!!


 Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops Screenshot 1 Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops Screenshot 2 Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops Screenshot 3 Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops Screenshot 4

  1. Money.
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