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Calming Lia 2.671 ( MOD 2.661 Gold/Diamond )


The latest apk update this time with the category Casual titled Calming Lia 2.671, you can download on the link below, may be useful for you.

Calming Lia is a restful and charming puzzle adventure game. Like a lullaby, it’s best played at night before sleep, because it helps with melatonin onset (the hormone associated with sleep). Like all of us, Lia is facing her personal worries, and emotions are guiding her in this charming adventure. Unite with Lia and her plush friend, Bao the bear, slide and match to face her worries and rescue her dreams from the fears of the Boogie Man! Experience the charming visuals, mesmerizing soundtrack! Collect extraordinary charms, mesmerizing diamonds and shining gold! Travel through Deep Sea, Spooky Circus, Dark Forest and much more to clear away the worries of Lia.

To ensure that Calming Lia doesn’t block the production of melatonin, we recommend enabling a nighttime screen filter on your device. With features further enhanced by the filter, Calming Lia will become your new favourite, making melatonin onset correct for a good restful sleep.


● 400+ restful levels to beat
● Game specifically intended for night-time play: Night & Play certificated for melatonin onset, to improve your sleep for a restful night. Clear your mind of your worries!
● Mesmerizing match 3 puzzle adventure game
● A story set in a dreamland with a cast of charming characters, with a bear guardian
● Hand-drawn art and mesmerizing animations
● Magic box with chances to win charming goodies
● Lots of restful quests
● Discover unique bonuses
● Mesmerizing charm collection
● Brain-challenging match 3 puzzles
● Leaderboards to watch your friends and compete for best score!
● Daily gold mine challenge!
● Invite your friends to help you in this restful journey and get your rewards!
● Unlock charming treasure chests as you travel through the levels!

NOTE: Calming Lia is a completely free-to-play match 3 puzzle adventure game, but some items in the game are offered as in-app purchases. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings if you choose to.

Are you ready for this epic puzzle adventure?



File Size APK : 97 MB

File Size APK MOD : 104 MB

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