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Cx File Explorer v1.2.4 MOD


Cx File Explorer v1.2.4 – Cx File Explorer is a powerful file manager Program with a
Clean and intuitive interface. With this particular file manager program, you can quickly navigate and manage the documents onto your mobile device, PC, and cloud Storage, precisely as if you use Windows Explorer or Finder in your PC or Mac. Additionally, it provides a rich set of features that innovative users are Searching for without feeling bloated. You can also manage the space utilized On your mobile device using a visualized storage evaluation.

Key attributes

Organize your documents and folders: Using a user-friendly UI, you can easily navigate, move, compress, Copy, Rename, extract, delete, create and share documents (folders) on the two Internal and outside storage of your mobile device.

Access documents on cloud storage: You can manage the certificates on cloud storages.

Access documents on NAS (Network-attached storage): You can get files inside shared or remote room such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV, and LAN. You Can also get your Cellular device from PC using FTP(File Transfer Protocol).

Handle your programs: you can handle the programs installed on your mobile device.

Examine and manage your storage: Cx File Explorer provides visualized storage evaluation so You may Instantly scan the available distance and handle it. The Recycle bin too Helps you quickly manage your storage.

Material Design port: Cx File Explorer uses the Material Design interface.

If You’re searching for a file manager program that has a slick and simple interface with complete attributes, Cx File Explorer is the ideal option.


Cx File Explorer Screenshot 1Cx File Explorer Screenshot 2Cx File Explorer Screenshot 3Cx File Explorer Screenshot 4

File Size APK MOD : 4 MB

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