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DEAD 2048 Puzzle Tower Defense v1.5.0 ( Money is Increasing )


DEAD 2048 Puzzle Tower Defense v1.5.0 – ★’Dead 2048′ Can be a Intelligent Twist around the’Threes!’ and ‘2048’ Formula – Touch Arcade
★ Awarded Best 3 in The Large Indie Pitch by Pocket Gamer(GSTAR NOV. 2017)
★ Awarded Top 5 in Worldwide Indie Game Development Contest(DEC. 2017)
★ Busan Indie Connect Casual Game Finalist(OCT. 2018)

Welcome to the World 2048 Tower Defense Game.
It is Dangerously Enjoyable! It is Free! Icecream, anybody?

The year is 2048. Zombies and its the have taken over the planet Participant to survive Zombie Waves’ intrusion. It is an advanced Mix of Tower Defense and 2048 puzzle fun variable mechanics. Construct Towers to shield a Biology Laboratory to conserve the planet. Survival is.

1) Swipe (Diagonally Up, Down, Left, Right) to maneuver the shield towers. They blend into a single After two mechanics with the amount signature.
2) Construct Higher Towers to shield against Zombie Waves across the fence street.
3) Wisely utilize updates and things that will assist you during hard moments.
4) When 131072 Defense Tower(Biology Laboratory) is made, the player wins!

1) Are large fans of this 2048 Free Games
2) Are large lovers of this Tower Defense Games
3) Are large fans of Zombies
4) Are tired of the Exact Same free matches
5) Are looking for a brand new experience
6) Appreciate playing with the sport to see the end ( Finale )
7) Just keep games worth playing.
8) Love uploading their plays Youtube

DEFENSE TOWERS: Assist the occupation of the Man
Two: Wood Frame Tower
4: Warehouse Tower
8: Chamber Tower
16: Head Quarter Tower
32: Post Tower
64: Big Post Tower
128: Crossbow Tower
256: Big Crossbow Tower
512: Guard Tower
1024: Big Guard Tower
2048: Shotgun Tower
4096: Big Shotgun Tower
8192: Cannon Tower
16384: Big Cannon Tower
32768: Atomic Plant
65536: Research Tower
131072: Biology Laboratory

★ It is what they state in the southwest. A Man ta do.
This sport is not Free. Additionally, it contains reward Advertisements which assist you.

ZOMBIES across the Street
Season 1: Walkers”Folks call me walker, since I walk” vs The walking zombies
Season two: Bonies”I enjoy brains, Exactly like the Remaining walkers” vs The walking zombies
Season 3: Riders”You do not have to outrun zombies, only your buddies”
Season 4: Bursters”I’m safe from head shots” versus walking Zombie
Season 5: Scavengers”Beware of smartphone strolling Zombies”
Season 6: Stalkers”I woke up just like this” vs The Walking Zombie
Season 1: Pukers”I Really like It when Folks puke on me” vs The walking zombies
Season 8: Giants”I’m a big zombie enthusiast” vs The walking zombies

No it is no sport that is 2048 puzzle free
No it is no Zombie match
No it is no ordinary Tower Defense sport (Road to Survival)
Easy and enjoyable to play – (but difficult to master)
Extremely Addictive and also a Excellent Time killer at No Cost
Through hard moments Boosters and upgrades to aid
Could be performed without net connection
Game Customer available in 11 Languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese and Vietnamese)

Survival Road, Survival Road, Survival Road…That is all it matters
★ It is what they state in the southwest. A Man ta do.

– DEAD 2048 is not Free. Additionally, it contains reward Advertisements which assist you.
– Purchasing Ads removal bundle will get.
– Dead 2048 Differs from some other 2048 games on the market, including Fibonacci, + also, blocks, 6X6 Cupcake bricks, Reverse, travel of life, jelly, knights, luxury, mixed, mania, Flappy, Backward, hexagon, tycoon,sudoku, town, age, Background, Development, variants and extended versions.
– Dead 2048 offers IAP items such as cleaner


  1. Money is increasing.
  2. Boosters are increasing.
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