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Death Invasion : Survival v1.0.42 MOD ( Many Gems )


Death Invasion : Survival v1.0.42 – This is a little city inhabited by Death. You’ll be infected with zombies readily if you keep on staying here. Wish to live? Just arm yourself and flee the town!

Being kind is dumb because the zombies here have dropped their basic emotions. Everything you have to do is replenish your bullets in time rather than quit shooting. Fighting is the only option!

There are lots of lands in this city. Even though you aren’t a savior, you might need their help to escape out of this city. Locate the survivors and shape a group to resist shoulder.

To endure, food, killer weapons, generator, and gas are all crucial. Nonetheless, these vital resources are often abandoned in dangerous places. You have to provide fire assistance to your teammates, so they have sufficient time to open the doorway. Otherwise, you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of zombies. Arm yourself and boost your battle power. The helmet will be able to help you lower the damage you take when a zombie accidentally bites you. The backpack permits you to gather more things to live from travel from the dreadful town. Full glasses will make your fists more competitive.

Use your fists to repel the zombies and conquer the nasty zombies BOSS. The zombies are infected not long past. There are lots of helpful things on their bodies – blood packs, stimulants, etc.. These items often determine how long you can survive.
Utilize sub-weapons like grenade and landmine to blow doors up and conquer groups of zombies! Collect bits of guns as many as possible from the mortal journey and build them to stronger firearms! This is the survival game of powerful ones.

There’ll be several surprises in this success travel. By way of instance, if you locate a shabby tank, all you have to do is pay for your teammates to repair the tank. A container will probably be stronger than ten heavy machine guns.

Are you prepared to begin this journey of success? To take arms up to endure the conflict to give up immunity, drowning at the zombie ocean? It depends on you. Just equip your weapon and go through the brilliant third-person shooting match!

Game Features:
HD battle scene
Actual story conversation
Rich equipment system
Great shooting
Free-moving third-person shooting game


 Death Invasion : Survival Screenshot 1 Death Invasion : Survival Screenshot 2 Death Invasion : Survival Screenshot 3 Death Invasion : Survival Screenshot 4

  1. Unlimited gold coins
  2. Unlimited diamonds

Note : you need to break the net into the game, otherwise it will flash back

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