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Durango: Wild Lands v4.5.0


Durango: Wild Lands v4.5.0 – Durango is your dinosaur MMO match nominated E3’s”Greatest Mobile/Handheld” in Game Critics Prizes!

Durango Is another development of fully-featured MMOs on cellular! This spacious world MMO enables you to experience the Entire liberty to roam a vast, ancient Land full of dinosaurs. Adventure through the Wild Lands, perform with your Way, research, craft and devise a new life and culture.

This Ancient MMO takes one to a mysterious land of dinosaurs. In this Jurassic experience, you are warped out of the own world into Durango. Discover A productive ancient environment contrasts with modern-day products Mysteriously transported to the world.

Tame dinosaurs, struggle in Epic struggles against rival clans and produce a new culture Alongside your fellow leaders. Hunt and collect both contemporary and neighborhood Resources around one to assist in your survival. Research and adopt your Inner leader to nurture and evolve the dangerous and vast wilderness Of Durango by selecting your route to interact with the planet and Additional players! Adventure via untamed Wild Lands full of Dinosaurs in Durango!
Open World Game
• Explore a vast, ancient open world Full of Fantastic dinosaurs, rich Islands and environments teeming with varied flora and fauna
• Adventure and embrace your internal pioneer together with your wits as well as the resources out of the property
• Discover sprawling islands with various surroundings and much more precious content
• Research and settle down in Personal, Tamed and Civilized Islands — Collect, search, craft, cook, farm, build, and enlarge your domain name and Skills
• Explore Unstable Islands full of precious funds, tamable dinosaurs, and secrets

Online MMO
• Multiplayer features allow you to work together to make a clan, organize with teammates and make sprawling villages
• Play online together and compete against other families – search down amazing Dinosaurs in Raid Islands and take part in PvP and Clan Battles
• Research and conquer the Savage Islands to collect Improved resources and combat enemy clans for control within the ever-expanding world

Input a dinosaur-filled multiplayer globe – download Durango now!

#Device Information
1) Recommended Spec: Android OS 6 or higher/ Galaxy S7 or greater
2) Minimum Spec: Android OS 4.4 or higher/ Galaxy S5 or greater
3) RAM 2GB or greater


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