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Elemental story 4.2.2 MOD


The latest apk update this time with the category Role Playing titled Elemental story 4.2.2 MOD, you can download on the link below, may be useful for you.

Even one of the topics can be enjoyed on TV commercials!
Puzzle RPG for combat and matchup RPG
——————————————– ——
Extremely rare game up to 95 times during free campaign!
————————————————— —————–

Now that you start the game, you can turn up the intense rare game up to 95 times for free by simply completing a simple stage that you can challenge at once.
Super rare [Star 5] monster free chance to win!

Even beginners are relieved 【Star 6】 monster free campaign is underway!

▼ Decisive of the game, skill shooting!
By making a specific shape with a piece, you can activate a powerful skill every turn.
Each monster has its own skill.
Let’s combine shapes well so that skills can be activated at the same time, aim for great damage.

Let’s adventure the vast world! Where to proceed is up to you.
You can freely explore the five continents of fire, water, tree, light, darkness.
On each continent, super powerful monsters are waiting so let’s defeat the enemies and make them friends.

▼ Let’s release true power with sudden arousal!
There are times when a monster suddenly awakens with a clue during battle.
When the monster wakes up, it remembers the powerful abilities that he had never had before releasing the true power.
Since all monsters have the potential to be awakened, let’s take various monsters to the quest.

▼ Real time Four people fight has lots of merits!
Up to 4 people can play with nearby people at the same time.
When everyone goes to the quest, the item drop rate is up to 4 times!
If you take him to a friend’s quest, it will consume stamina 0!
Let’s cooperate with each other, let’s advance the game favorably.

▼ Download “Elemental Story” for free!
It is possible to enjoy the game for free until the end.
※ There are some charged items.

▼ Elemental Story Official Website / Capture WIKI

▼ Detailed Explanation
Skill Roundup x Fight Puzzle Elemental Story (Erest) utilizes the characteristics of smartphones,
real time battles and cooperative play compatibility that anyone can easily play It’s RPG.

By rearranging the pieces with your fingers in time, you can have more than one skill at a time (Special Moves), so you can have fun and enjoy it in a wide range of layers.
Quest, which is a feature of the elest, rearranges 30 pieces in the screen to U-shaped, cross-shaped, etc., and knocks down the enemies by aligning the pieces to the specified shapes of the monster’s skills such as special ability and recovery.

Since the position where the piece can be placed differs depending on the obstacle existing in the quest, selecting a monster with suitable skill is the key to the strategy.

Moreover, it is possible to cooperate not only to advance alone, but also to play with all players nationwide in real time, one-on-one battle, friends with you, third party in a nearby position and up to four at the same time.
You can enjoy it as a communication tool as well as a game.

▼ Elemental Story (Eleost) is recommended for this person!

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