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Evil Neighbor Hero Survival 1.9 MOD ( Unlock Card )


The latest apk update this time with the category Action titled Evil Neighbor Hero Survival 1.9, you can download on the link below, may be useful for you.

Your brother and sister have been kidnaped by the evil powers in the city. Find them in the neighbor-haunted house and escape with them from the place. Solve the epic puzzle to move further into the evil mansion of ghosts’ survival. Find the keys to the doors and move your way from the electrical obstacles into the survival danger zone by switching the main power hub. Follow the map in the haunted house and different hints in order to solve the ultimate mystery and find your beloved in the neighbor haunted cursed house of the evil spirits resident mansion. Fight your way into the spirits resident mansion. If you are a fearless player, you will face with your phobias in a terrible and evil haunted house. Watch for any killer resident paranormal activities in the killer house and avoid facing the evil spirits disguised witches in survival escape battle. You cannot determine the angel and the demon in this ghost house, its best to not encounter any. Wage war to the evil enemies of the haunted spirited house and win the ultimate battle of the lifetime fighting the killer scary souls of the evil.
For a long time evil spirits and powers has taken over the neighbor city in the darkest allies to harm and control the human species in the neighborhood and only a handful of the humans has survived from their dangerous deadly claws. This is the chance for you to be hero the city and the hero family needs you to be. Do not look scared in front of your evil demon enemy because she is like a Satan neighbor in hero city. Survive the harsh environment around the evil haunted house to save your family. Kill and scare the entire neighbor ghosts, you will feel the terror in your bones. Survive the dark night in the evil dungeon and be the hero your family wants you to be in this crucial and difficult survival mission game. Hero survival mission is the last resort for the crazy evil neighbor like your self to save the world from the evil powers. If you get caught in the evil web of the ghosts and zombies of haunted neighbor house, death is the only wish you could have in this lifetime. You’re hero family inside is waiting for the savior and wished they had never come into this city. Plan the perfect survival mission in this evil neighbor hood mission game.

Key Features:
Real 3D horror environment.
High-End Graphics.
Scary Levels & sound effects.
Haunted Activities.
FPS controls with flashlight.
Exciting Gameplay.



1. Unlock Card.

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