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フルボッコヒーローズ v4.4.7 ( Weaken the Enemy )


Fairy Hero v4.4.7 -▽ ▼ From the new download effort!! ▽ ▼
It is possible to get superb luxury gains when you begin today!!
In case
① Ultimate at the start of drama!
★ Five closing gacha ticket + startup collection!
In case
② Togue with newcomer pursuit!
★ Five supported gacha tickets + fortified improvement unit × 75 bodies!
+ 25 components for gold purchase!
In case
③ Toggle on the login for 30 days!
Particular rare gacha tickets × 10 sheets!
In case
“Complete Boko Heroes X”
– Right to the abandoned Turbulent shooting Refreshing full bocco RPG-
~ Fundamental free! It’s unnecessary to enroll, and also you can play today ~
In case
【Easy to control the invaders into the complete BOGO! 】
Effortless performance by flicking the activity left and right
Tension feeling the hordes are drifting!! Refreshing atmosphere to ruin it!!
In case
Additionally, “follow to knock enemies down.”
It is a mortal complete bocco fever and overturns the hardship!
In case
【Various abilities for different shots! 】
Knight’s shot and taken through magician!
Dragon explosion Shots etc.. Use different units based on enemy positioning and warfare scenario!
In case
Besides the abilities that overturn the match situation,
Shot changeability and recovery ability,
Such as super strong skills to predict summoned gods,
Do extend out with flashy heading!
Squeeze various abilities to pay for the battle scenario!
In case
【Summon Hero [Heroes]】
More than 1,200 Types of varied personalities,
Gather the heroes consisting of”heritage” fantasy” narrative” to make the most powerful group!
In case
【narrative 】
Magical illusion globe”Vision.”
That planet is known as”Cosmo Heroes.”
“Every mythical hero” was booming with its semi-divine power.
In case
However, its abundance was brittle and dropped with”same intensity.”
“Chaos Heroes” which generates destruction from the effect of”chaos” which Overflowed in a variety of areas on earth started to emerge.
In case
Chaos Heroes Organization “Orders”
We Gradually summoned the heroes and made to fight to battle Against the present scenario; individuals were longing to get the savior.
In case
Even Though It was an ordinary individual, it had been led to eyesight
“You” is”a narrative to Be a fanatic.”


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  1. Weaken the Enemy.

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