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Freezing Extension RPG 1.0.8 MOD ( Weak Enemy ATK )


The latest apk update this time with the category Role Playing titled Freezing Extension RPG 1.0.8, you can download on the link below, may be useful for you.

That popular comic “Freezing” appeared as a smartphone!
With the original charm and world view intact, the deformed 3D characters rampage with battle!
A beautiful illustration just like the original, reproduced with a superbly sexy, lively animation!

■ Story
Time is near future. .
Human beings were in danger of extinction due to existence of “different dimension body [NOVA]” striking human race.
In the meantime, the future of mankind is committed to boys and girls with special talent and qualifications.
– Warrior who can only be female students 【Pandora】 –
– Male student who becomes a partner of Pandora 【Limiter】 –
Drawn mainly at the school “Genetics” to train them
School SF tale of love and battle!

■ Academy Romance RPG fighting by fighting the strongest girls!
You can rearrange attack order and skill activation with one tap and change the game situation dramatically
Easy but deep turn system 3D battle RPG appeared!
Successfully advance AUTO function and continuous battle which stamina is not wasted!

■ Let’s reverse the battlefield with Special Move!
The mortal work that can only be used by you who directs the unit, “FREEEZING” “BURST” can be used to reverse the situation even in unfavorable circumstances!

■ Various character cultivation! Can train up to the highest reality of all characters
All the beautiful girl characters can train up to the highest reality This work
Predatory characters can be trained with confidence!
Further customize your favorite pretty girl with equipment and stigmas, aim for the strongest girls unit!

Sparks falling in love with a battle! ! Full of fighting heroines! !
Many characters of the game original characters, as well as original characters, appear! !
There are also “like that” and “such a voice” that you can not usually see! What?

■ Be intimate with your favorite characters!
Talk to your favorite character and become “intimate”!
Not only the battle!
Youth story that can also “love” ♫

■ Experience the original story! !
The original volume story of the maximum volume! !
In addition, there are many original stories that can only be seen here!

You can enjoy not only the fans, but also those who do not know the original
“New” freezing is born here! !

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1. Weak Enemy ATK.
2. Weak Enemy HP.

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