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Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter v1.1.16 MOD ( Unlimited Gems )


Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter v1.1.16 – At the future, humanity has Enlarged and Flourish over the galaxy. One day, a mysterious alien military from another measurement Appear and strike the boundary planets. The struggle for humankind survival begins. As a veteran pilot, You’ve been known to defend the galaxy Contrary to invader enemies!

Galaxy Invader: Alien Shooter is a mixture of classic shoot them up game textures and updated mechanisms. Featuring:

– A Wide Selection of enemies: In the lowly typical soldier extraterrestrial beings, to the active Elites, and also the humongous Bosses. Each has other appearances and behaviors.
– Campaign-style: encounter the mounting problem with exceptional challenges in route. Continuously upgraded with new contents.
– Upgrade & Twist your spaceship to new kind and gain new electricity
– Extensive collection of ships to accumulate, each with exceptional ability and playstyle.

Select your spaceship, destroy the alien invaders and protect the galaxy. Show them what you are capable of!

As an Elongated variant of Galaxy Strike: Alien Shooter, This variant has better picture layouts. We also shifted something In core game mechanic such as weapon abilities, item ability, boat part & Development types. Different Kinds of a spaceship, you can construct a Strong air pressure and combine the galaxy wars. The older style of shooting them up Game has become updated with a fantasy theme. We maintain using retro Shooting game mechanic such as degree with waves, bullet hell supervisors but Added more engaging content. It is possible to observe precisely the same feeling such as Galaxy Strike: Alien Shooter as another retro shooting match. However, this one might be a new one. Let us try and revel in its Galaxy Invader: Alien Shooter!


 Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter Screenshot 1 Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter Screenshot 2 Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter Screenshot 3 Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter Screenshot 4

  1. Unlimited Coins/Gems.
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