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걸스 워즈 (Girls Wars) v1.0.38 ( Improve Defense )


걸스 워즈 (Girls Wars) v1.0.38 – Sweet school life with lovely women ★! ★

Beautiful women and extreme mechanics coexist.

A throbbing college life waits to your master.

A story such as Annie ★ ★

An animated narrative,

Listen to the gorgeous tales of these.

★ Deadly party for you just. ★

Collect several kinds of beautiful women and arrange your platoon!

Strengthen them to make the most potent platoon in the world!

★ A beautiful woman of different colors ★

For a woman, it smells much more like gunpowder compared to cologne!

Tanks, battleships, fighters! Lead the gorgeous women to success in conflict.

★ Grand Prix of the greatest ever ★

To nurture beautiful girls.

Win your greatest Grand Prix in spite of your operations.

★ Real-time PVP ★

Quit fighting AI anymore! A stunning real-time battle between gamers!

Win 1: 1 PVP and 3: 3 label conflicts in many different combinations and time!

*”Choi Kyta personality” is at the AVENT! Come and join us to get a gift.
* Trying to combine in a variety of activities and advice is suggested.
We’re in the cafe occasion!

★ Today the women are awaiting your control. ★

★ Smartphone program access right direct ★

* Vital Access Rights *
Pictures, networking, documents: to save game information in the storage
Reading And recording outside the room: Desired for client center, usage of Pictures locally, and various preferences and cache of games.


 걸스 워즈 (Girls Wars) Screenshot 1 걸스 워즈 (Girls Wars) Screenshot 2 걸스 워즈 (Girls Wars) Screenshot 3 걸스 워즈 (Girls Wars) Screenshot 4

  1. Improve defense.
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