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Guns Girl – Honkai Gakuen v5.6.22 ( 1 HIT )


Guns Girl – Honkai Gakuen v5.6.22 – What Could you do to Live in an apocalyptic world where your College Buddies got turned into zombies? Just how much can you go to save your loved ones?

Plan your escape path and take your way from a swarm of zombies. The apocalypse is upon us. The origin is emitting an Enormous quantity of energy and hammering the weaker minds. Figure out the Real reason for it and prevent the destruction of humankind. Stay Alert, select your weapons, save your buddies and save the planet.

Guns GirlZ — Mirage Cabin is an original, pick-up-and-play arcade action game. Players may collect gear from phases. For Managing distinct Scenarios, players will need to make useful builds.

1. Easy, pick-up-and-play arcade action game with anime components.
2. A good deal of unlockable content, such as heavy weapons, fairly uniforms, useful 5 and badges playable characters.
3. 220+ weapons, 110+ uniforms and 120+ badges.

What is new in Version 5.6

“Companion, that does not sound bad. .Of course, I am the service team, correct?”

Beware of the risks sneaking from the dark, the woman’s blade won’t be afraid to tear your throat.
Underneath the pursuit of Ninti, what’s the fate of Dr.Yssring

Metal is her sword, her armor, her entourage, and himself!

There are always some streets that you understand they lead to jealousy, but, take actions.

Matters are like chess games. Who is hoping to break the destiny on the chessboard?

The understanding gained from”God” may realize a woman’s wish.

Seal Dolly & Tarot·Magician & Scorpio & Fantasy Candy Jar & Sara

·Added stability enhancements and bug fixes


 Guns Girl - Honkai Gakuen Screenshot 1 Guns Girl - Honkai Gakuen Screenshot 2 Guns Girl - Honkai Gakuen Screenshot 3 Guns Girl - Honkai Gakuen Screenshot 4

  1. 1 HIT.
  2. God Mode.
  3. Unlimited Ammo.
  4. Menu Mod.
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