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Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes v4.5 MOD ( Unlimited Currency )


Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes v4.5 – Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes is a turn-based Plan Game which will put you amid war involving Humans, Orcs, Goblins, Elves, Dwarves and the undead.
Construct a powerful army and direct Your troops to success employing the unique abilities of your heroes and Units. Take Advantage of terrain buildings and covers to enhance your data and outwit your enemies in single-player, skirmish and multiplayer PvP Manners.
Get Involved in four engaging campaigns, control personalities with Unique battle skills, protect your people, and experience powerful enemies. Control units such as; Infantry, Cavalry, Mages, heavy siege machines, Elven archers, Dwarven riflemen, and many, many more.
In The Individual effort, you assume the function of Percival Kent, a seasoned Paladin that has been delivered by the Emperor to research reports of Goblin action in an Individual settlement. The kingdom is on the verge of Warfare… Who would like it to split out? What Type of alliance would you Forge to confront the inevitable invasion of this green-skinned foes?
The Elven campaign introduces Arcana, leader of the Elven archers. Even though you’re attempting to locate Sylvius — a smart druid who will tame the forces of Character, you are going to confront a potent goblin mage and his allies.
From the Orcs and Goblins effort, you can also control a mighty dragon and his Sneaky goblin buddy Vulpis who will deceive his enemies and execute Mortal strikes. While Looking for the origin of unnatural flooding that Compelled your visitors to discover a new residence, you are going to meet a third party playable Hero — a potent Orc warrior.
The final chapter takes you to the Dwarven kingdom, in which You Need to face new enemies that you haven’t encountered before. Together with three new playable heroes and their exceptional skills, you are going to leap in the center of epic battles to stop the wicked Forces from spreading around the globe.
To gain a strategic advantage You have to resort to magical, which goes beyond deploying specialized mage units. Your personalities are trained to utilize scrolls, which may turn the Wave of struggle in the blink of an eye. Summon the undead or strong Golems, direct your competitors to a rain of fire or even a poisonous cloud, and Wake their anger.
In each of the campaigns, You’ve Got a castle in your disposal. You may enlarge it according to your favorite fighting style. Update your heroes and your preferred units, and enhance teleports to Gain an advantage on the battlefield.
Along with single-player style, You can test your abilities in the hard PvP multiplayer, which Features classic Fight or Capture the Flag and an exciting Royale Mode.

● A turn-based strategy game with simple and clear principles and a strategic Thickness, thanks to that you can correct the gameplay style into your tastes.
● Entire four attractive single-player campaigns with exceptional personalities, units, and enemies.
● Utilize the specific skills of your heroes and components to obtain an advantage on the battlefield.
● Expand your castle, upgrade your military, and recruit specialized units.
● All the available races include well-balanced groups and attributes, Ensuring an exceptional plan, and creating the battles more exciting and Diverse.
● PvP multiplayer using three manners — Fight, Capture the Flag and Royale.
● A single-player skirmish mode is comprising the personalities of each effort.


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  1. Unlimited Currency
  2. Free upgrade
  3. Unlocked Race
  4. No Ads
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