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HiPER Calc Pro 6.1.1 APK Free


The latest apk update this time with the category Tools titled HiPER Calc Pro 6.1.1, you can download on the link below, may be useful for you.

HiPER Calc Pro is a Sophisticated Variant of HiPER Scientific Calculator.

The calculator has around 100 specimens of significant and 9 digits of exponent. It finds repeating decimals and amounts can also be entered as fractions or transformed into fractions.

You may write expressions in a manner that is natural and observe your calculations. The end result is displayed as a few, simplified saying .

The calculator has several designs Acceptable for different screen sizes:

-“compact” for smart phones (in portrait and landscape orientation)
-“enlarged” for pills

A multiline screen may be turned on in tablet computers to demonstrate the comprehensive history of calculations and also to give accessibility the prior outcomes.

Users may pick from several high-quality motifs.

The calculator has several purposes, for example:
– fundamental arithmetic operations such as percent, modulo and negation;
– fractions (from the expression manner any expression such as nested fractions could be viewed as a numerator and a denominator);
– Regular numbers and their conversion to fractions;
– infinite variety of braces;
– replicated surgeries;
– factors and symbolic computation;
– calculation info – long information regarding a calculation such as all intricate origins, unit group etc.;
– complex numbers
– conversion between polar and rectangular coordinates
– innovative number operations like arbitrary numbers, combinations, permutations, shared best divisor, etc..
– forces, roots, logarithms, etc..
– fixed stage, engineering and scientific screen format;
– screen exponent as SI units prefix;
– clipboard operations with Different clipboard formats;
– end history;
– bitwise shifts and rotations;
– haptic feedback;
– greater than 90 physical constants;
– transformation between 200 units;
– Reverse Polish notation.

The calculator includes many configurations to deal with the complete screen mode, decimal and thousand separators, etc..

All attributes are explained with an integrated assistance.



File Size APK : 2 MB

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