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Honkai Impact 3rd 2.8.1 MOD ( 1 HIT )


Honkai Impact 3rd 2.8.1 – “Honkai, a mysterious force that annihilated human civilization on several occasions, has re-emerged in this once peaceful world…”
A squad of young girls burdened with the very last hopes of humanity must fight for survival in this apocalyptic world filled with zombies and Honkai beasts.
As the Captain of the Hyperion, you must lead these girls into battle against zombies and Honkai beasts in various locales around the world. Experience the girls’ unique personalities, challenge and conquer multiple raids and stages, and enjoy the rich storyline of the Honkai Universe! Join the Valkyries and fight for all that is beautiful in the world!

Version features
[Lunar New Year deals]
While people prepared to celebrate the New Year, the ferocious Nian beast stirs in its slumber.
The Spring Festival will mark the beginning of a new year.
Please continue to lead us to victory this year, Captain!

[Winter Rhapsody]
Fairytale bells chime and sing. What secrets could we find in this snowy evening?
Bunny with katanas and Cheshire Kitty playing the Rogue… This outward invitation sounds like a song.
The outward adventure from square one shall begin this very night!

[Stalker: Phantom Iron]
Open your mind to this dark battlesuit. Unleash a blitz of iron upon your foes. Wield the dark scythe of doomsday and infect your enemies with a virulent plague.
Rita’s new battlesuit [Stalker: Phantom Iron] is now ready for deployment.
This huntress and enforcer come packing with a fearsome autonomous weapon: Stalker Carbon.
We’ve picked up the scent of our prey. Command: Kill!

[Dirac Sea]
No one has seen the correct form of the mysterious Dirac Sea. The turbulent waves and currents hide the trails of the conquered.
Brace yourself for this all-new Infinity Abyss feature. Hunt down dangerous enemies in an open map and become the ultimate warrior!
The darkness is filled with terror and dangers. Are you ready for these challenges, Captain?

[Equipment Updates]
[Genome Reaper]: A terrifying scythe that leaks virulent agents from its blades. This weapon is designed to eradicate criminal elements from the gene pool!
New stigmata set: Caravaggio the Tenebrosi! Use her Chiaroscuro techniques to fight the Honkai!


  1. 1 HIT (with normal monster)
  2. x100 Damage (with Elite, SmallBoss, BigBoss)
  3. No Skill CD (during the cooldown still useable)
  4. Always Win with 3 Star.
  5. Worked on Android 8 and Up (21/12)
File Size APK : 95 MB

File Size APK MOD : 59 MB

File Size OBB : 1.7 GB

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