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Hydro Coach PRO – Drink water v4.1.17


Hydro Coach PRO – Drink water v4.1.17 – Hydro Coach Would Be the Very Inspirational Water Drink Reminder and Water Tracker Program of 2019

Drinking-Water frequently is a significant challenge in daily life. Hands up — that beverages enough water a single day? Hydro Coach can help you by Calculating just how much water you’ll need, monitoring what you consume, and lightly Inform you when to drink. It is time to unleash the energy of water to Enhance your wellbeing since your wellbeing is worth it!

PRO attributes:
⭐️ Endless Diary. Return to all previous days in your journal.
⭐️ Extra monthly statistics and boundless weekly statistics.
⭐️ More widgets (e.g., 1×1 widget to get quick beverage inputs).
⭐️ Use hydration variables to specify how well beverages are hydrating or dehydrating.
⭐️ Fast and straightforward intake from every telling.
⭐️ Export your beverage history into a CSV file.
⭐️ No advertisements.

Advantages of drinking water for your health:
It is an effective way of combating stress and fatigue
Drinking sufficient water can clean up your skin
Drinking enough water can improve Your Wellbeing in a Couple of Days
It is advantageous to weight loss and also the basis of every specialist diet
Drinking more water can alleviate headaches

Key attributes:
✅ Boost your health with private drink notifications
✅ Keep ideal track of your water equilibrium through a just designed journal
✅ Obtain a pictorial insight into your water drinking customs with month and week numbers
✅ Practical widgets provide transparent advice about your water consumption
✅ Produce custom beverage volumes readily
✅ Supports imperial (fl. oz.) and Metric (ml) units
✅ Discuss your water consumption with your buddies
✅ Synchronization with your google account
✅ Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Fitbit

How it works:
Our Formula calculates your perfect personal water condition based on Numerous variables such as age, weight, sex, and lifestyle. Select the Favored glass you generally use, and Hydro Coach can remind you to drink and drink it.


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