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King’s Raid v3.49.1 MOD ( 3 Version )


King’s Raid v3.49.1 – Ranked Top 10 RPG in 69 Countries!
Your Battle Has Now Gone Global!

▶King’s Raid, the RPG that Grows with Your Affection◀
1. High-quality 3D characters that look just like their illustrations!
2. No more Gacha! Select and acquire your favorite character!
3. Upgrade character appearances! Enjoy growth through Awakening and Transcendence!
4. Customize your characters! No limits with the different costume update!

▶Global Update on World Boss & Guild Conquest◀
‘Mountain Fortress,’ Legacy of the Ancient Technomagic Kingdom
‘Proteus,’ Ruler of the Sunken Kingdom
‘Tyrfas,’ Divine Beast of Absolute Zero
‘Laurel,’ Stakes of Wrath
‘Velkazar,’ Hellspawn Torturer
Defeat giant bosses and become the greatest warrior in the world!

▶Dynamic Real-time PvP Battles◀
Make your Hero combinations
and claim your spot in real-time PvP ranking!

▶Unique Raid Contents of King’s Raid◀
Work with your Guild members in Guild Raids!
Collaborate for Legendary Gear in Dragon Raids!
Enjoy the unlimited updates on Challenge Raids!

▶Guild Contents: Strength through Unity!◀
Help your Guild grow and become stronger yourself!
Enjoy various Guild content like Guild Conquests and Raids
and expand the Guild Domain to make your Guild stronger!


 King’s Raid Screenshot 1 King’s Raid Screenshot 2 King’s Raid Screenshot 3 King’s Raid Screenshot 4



  1. God Mode (PvE)
  2. Enemies low HP.
  3. Instant Win/Autowin (no Enemies, run & win)
  4. MOD MENU.
  5. Unlimited Skills & more (only for VIPs – check below!)


  1. Do not use cheats in the tutorial!
  2. Do not mix Autowin with other cheats!
  3. Load the cheat you want before you start a fight!
  4. If you see double cheat buttons please remove the game and install it fresh.
  5. Don’t touch Raid & Hell Mode with Cheats ON to avoid getting banned!


  1. Weak Enemy damage
  2. Weak Enemy HP (When SFX-Character Voive is off)


  1. LowHp (enemy health low 1hit kill)
  2. NoAttack (Enemy do no damag.
  3. InstantWin (No enemy on map)
  4. No skill CD (Skill use no cooldown)
  5. Mana (Don’t need mana)

Included in menu:

  1. Must Enable Mod choice before battle.
  2. To open and close menu hit the Team AR button.
  3. Also dragable (mean can move anywhere the menu)
  4. Please not for instawin turn off LowHp.
  5. Choosable Stats enter any amount from 0 to 100………. 0 BEING STATS OFF and 100 being x100 so please note that in mind when you type the amount its x dmg hp and def after enter hit button set stats.

File Size APK MOD v1 : 99 MB

File Size APK MOD v2 : 99 MB

File Size APK MOD v3 : 91 MB

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