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コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG v2.0.0 ( Weak Enemy HP )


コトダマン ‐ 共闘ことばRPG v2.0.0 – New sense RPG fighting “words”!
In conjunction with the personality soul”Kotodaman.”
Produce”words” and assault!
Damage varies in the quantity and duration of phrases which may be carried out!
You can enjoy playing with others,
Favorite popular conflict phrase RPG of 8 million download breakthrough!

■ Thank you 1st anniversary! It’s possible to find this today!
・ ☆ You may get 5 Kotodaman!
・ When you begin the game today, it is possible to turn around 300 times free of cost!
・ Also you can get a lot of luxury gifts such as rainbow Kodama!

■ Story
For Quite a While, the demonic warfare is about the child of light, “Kibo.”
It seemed that the devil god”Ulami” vanished and stopped…
However, the soul world was in chaos!
Kibou’s sister”Ai” intends to be a demonic calmness because of Fantastic love,
Urami’s sister”Tsunami” exiles into the Holy Army to locate Kibou and Urami.
And aim in the term soul world by the abyss, what’s the individuality of the evil eyes!?
The narrative of extreme power eventually rushes into the next chapter!!

■ How to perform
1 Create a note and assault!!
Create two words and pick combo!
3 Make keywords and words in line with this matter, and trigger”job” and”sending work”!
Let us create the 4 most exceptional Kotodaman teams!

[Problem] ——————
“Yu” “Ga” “Shi” “ki.”
Which personality (Kotodaman) would you put in?
The words enrolled are”over 220,000 words”!!

■ Characteristic characters
Over 1000 Kotodaman seemed!
Each of Kotodaman moves with cartoon! Chatter!
Growth! Development! Ability activation!
Let us create a deck that may make the most potent “term”!

■ Popular voice celebrities who colour unique Kotodaman!
Tomokazu Sugita / Mika Ishimi / Sumire Uezaka / / Makoto Uchida /
Yuki Ono / / Maiko Kadowaki / Ayane Sakura / Junichi Nakamura /
Yoko Hikasa / / Yoki Anmoto / Satoshi Inoki… etc
Super luxurious throw to shade Kotodaman!

■”Kotodaman” is advocated for these individuals!
・ In case you want to perform a brand new RPG that’s never been achieved before
・ If you enjoy puzzle games and crosswords
・ If you’re searching to get an”instruction” game which you can play together with your parents and children together
・ People who are good at word games for example Shiratori
・ If you’re interested in games which play and make letters
・ In case you want to perform an RPG that’s marginally different from the RPG you generally play
・ If you’re searching for a game which you can play free
・ If you’re searching for an RPG that you can play with your buddies
・ If you enjoy games with cute characters and trendy characters


  1. Weak Enemy HP.
  2. AutoBattle.
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