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プレカトゥスの天秤-本格ストーリーRPG v1.1.8 MOD ( Weak Enemy )


Libra of Precatus v1.1.8 – A true narrative RPG (role-playing game) with a handsome woman is that the protagonist appeared!
RPG using a massive story past seven novels!
A narrative’s fantastic masterpiece RPG that highlights the dark worldview made by luxury · voice actors and actors!

A Full-scale story RPG that trains the most central character of seven adolescent women And stunning girls of seven states, Ordia continent, and pursues The narrative of sin and justice of the world from every viewpoint. “Is Justice for me personally a sin to the entire world…?”

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【Balance of Precutus (Prayer) – Overview of Platten Game】
■ Full narrative RPG that intersects front and rear
Continental history of Ordia at 1910 – it’s the age of steam, iron, and firearms.
At the one year war starting with the Declaration of War Empire,
You May appreciate a story with another perspective of a unique history by the Seven states (the principal character of seven adolescent women and beautiful women ).

“Seven countries, seven personalities,
Hold all those justices, proceed into the future”

■ Dark worldview and songs by stunning creators…
Hirokazu Maeda (Rejet), the RPG of this dark worldview, the first personality Draft, place after the industrial revolution in 1900.
The initial cooperation of this situation where over 100 look characters cross each other,
Xiao Shao two (“STEINS; accountable for GEN linear restriction program”).
Along with the demanding music flowing into the world is made by Nojirikoku Sakamoto Eiki.

■ Battle system
Organizing with characters and a combo of personality × firearms equipment compose an exceptional deck.
Love with multi-scenario RPG with the exceptionally strategic battle!

■ PvP Fight
A sexy conflict with competitions nationally gets the RPG excitement!
It’s possible to enjoy PvP conflict with others.
Let us challenge the PvP match against the very best!

■ Training program
Equipped with a breeding plank system.
You’re able to prepare your character to fit your taste carefully.


プレカトゥスの天秤-本格ストーリーrpg screenshot Screenshot 1プレカトゥスの天秤-本格ストーリーrpg screenshot Screenshot 2プレカトゥスの天秤-本格ストーリーrpg screenshot Screenshot 3プレカトゥスの天秤-本格ストーリーrpg screenshot Screenshot 4

  1. Weak Enemy.
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