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Lineage II: Dark Legacy v0.11.0 MOD ( Invincible )


Lineage II: Dark Legacy v0.11.0 – Darkness has fallen, and the Warfare between good and evil is Erupting in the most recent action-packed chapter of the world-famous Lineage II series, Black Legacy. Construct your Final squad of Mercenaries and Participate in efforts to save the property of Aden. Delve To the 100 flooring Pit of Despair to resist mega bosses and take part In epic Castle Sieges against gamers worldwide!

Collect Mythical mercenaries in the Lineage Universe and evolve them to Unleash their particular abilities and techniques. Recruit the strong Kamael Soul Breaker with her Vampiric Blast or Dark Avenger together with his Hell Crusher ability and put them into the test against frightening bosses like the Castlekeeper or bloodthirsty Lycanthrope.

Join us today and prevent the dark heritage from spilling its wicked around the globe.

Feature Factors:

1. Intense Siege PVP: Carry on gamers Throughout the World in castle siege Conflicts! Lay the gates and assault their defenses along with your most potent Team of Mercenaries to make Influence, boost your rank on the International leaderboards, and benefit your spoils of war while leaving their Castles in ruins!

2. Customize an Impenetrable Castle: Pick By a big choice of defenses like electrifying Shock Cannons or even Piercing Ballistas to ruin your enemies. Mix, match, and Strategically set your arsenal of arguments for highest effectiveness. Unlock new defense slots to become even more unstoppable and shield Your Castle in any way costs!

3. Dynamic Action-Packed Battles: Think fast on your toes during rapid-paced conflicts in the Pit of Despair To conquer ruthless Bosses or the Coliseum to battle other players in PvP combat. Control a group of Mercenaries and unleash Their particular abilities and expertise to enhance your resistance in battle!

4. Legendary Roster of Mercenaries: Recruit and construct The most significant group from legendary Lineage personalities such as the Shillien Knight, Abyss Walker, Spellsinger, Tyrant and much, much more. Level their abilities, equip them with potent talismans and evolve Them to unleash the full size of the skills.


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  1. Invincible.
  2. Skills without CD.

File Size APK MOD : 160 MB

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