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Los Angeles Crimes 1.4 ( Unlimited Ammo )


Los Angeles Crimes 1.4 – Los Angeles Crimes is an open-world third-person shooter game with different game modes such as Team death-match, Zombie survival, explore the city alone or join your friends over the network!

– To spawn a vehicle, you need to pull out your cellphone and call the mechanic from the contacts menu.

– To change your cellphone wallpaper you need to copy your favorite image and paste it into this path: sdcard > Android > data > com.MA.LAC > wallpaper

– To see your pictures taken from the camera or selfie camera, you need to go to this path:
sdcard > Android > data > com.MA.LAC > screenshots

Important Notes:
– Android 2.3.3+ and at least 512 rams.
– If the game freezes on loading, restart your phone.
– Microphone permission needed for voice chat.
– If you get a black screen, grant all the permits required.

Cellphone cheat codes:
– 1999756966 Slow motion
– 19993562837 Moon gravity

Cheat codes to type on chat:
/hud hides whole game HUD
/hide controls hides control buttons for controller mode (ps4 button to toggle)
/kick (player name) to kick other players from the game (only host)
/timescale (0.1 to 10) change the game speed
/time set (0 to 360) change the time of the day 0 sunrise & 180 sunset
/cycle speed (0 to 50) speed of day & night cycle
/detachable detaches all the car body parts
/fps to show or hide frames per second


  1. Unlimited Ammo.

File Size APK : 19 MB

File Size APK MOD ( no OBB ) : 189 MB

File Size OBB : 168 MB

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