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Magic Rush: Heroes v1.1.226


Magic Rush: Heroes v1.1.226 – War is arriving — Are you prepared? Summon heroes to Shield your kingdom and control the enemy within this one-of-a-kind RTS Experience!
Magic Hurry: Hero is an original mix of Skill-aiming controls, a thrilling, real-time PvP Ladder Tourney manner, Exciting multiplayer Globe Map struggles, simple yet addicting Tower Defense, and much more! Experience the pleasure of numerous Distinct genres all Wrapped up in one fantastic game.

Hurry forth on a memorable experience you won’t forget!


Summon Powerful Attacks With Skill-Aiming
– Manually choose goals or instructions when casting abilities. You call the shots!
– Summon strikes to stun, quiet, knock airborne, cure and even disrupt enemy abilities using exact controls
– Plan and rate unite. Master them equally, and success is really in your hands!

Hero Coaching Powers You Up to Safeguard the Kingdom
– Roleplay as varied hero types, such as dozens of unlockable heroes having countless identifying abilities.
– Heroes could be combined in various ways and accept the resistance by storm.
– Update your defender with gear improving, rune inlaying, and unique upgrades and skills for every sort of weapon.
– RPGs and RTS unite to bring you the supreme Equipment System.

PvP Games from the Ladder Tourney
– Charge to warfare at a worldwide, cross-server PvP Arena using a turn-based ban/pick stage to level the playing area.
– Defend your success by banning your competitor’s personalities based upon your battle strategy.
– PvP combat provides fantastic benefits for each season!

War Strategy and RTS Gameplay
– RTS battle challenges you to build your tower, update your technician, and dispatch your armies to plunder tools from enemies.
– Defend the kingdom together! Create alliances with countless gamers From across the world to flourish within this landscape.
– RTS battles allow you to conquer enemies to become the alliance!

Hero Tower Defense Combines Your Beloved Strategy Genres
– An all-new”Hero Tower Defense” concept combines the heroes of The match with heaps of exquisitely designed Tower Defense phases.
– Reduce tower emplacements and trigger Hero skills in real-time throughout exciting battles you won’t need to put down!
– Defend you are centered on one-of-a-kind map creations.

Continuous Upgrades Offer
– New heroes
– In-game occasions
– Weekly updates according to your comments and suggestions!
– Hard-working programmers are continuously upgrading and enhancing the gaming experience with fresh gameplay!

Are you currently the defender this kingdom requirements? Download Magic Rush: Heroes and combine the RTS warfare now!

PLEASE NOTE! Magic Hurry is free to play and download. Nevertheless, some match things May also be bought for actual cash. If You Don’t want to utilize this Attribute, please install password protection for buys from the configurations Of your Google Play Store program. Additionally, under our Conditions of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 Decades-old to play download Magic Hurry.

Note: Magic Hurry will have to request entry to”browse the contents of your SD card.”
We propose having at least 1G of space available for download.


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