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Mini Legend – Mini 4WD Simulation Racing Game! v2.3.3 ( Always Wins )


Mini Legend – Mini 4WD Simulation Racing Game! v2.3.3 – ** Google Play Store Featured Mini 4WD Racing Game **

** More than 5 Million Downloads Globally!! **

** #1 Mini 4WD Simulation Running Mobile Game **

** Mini 4WD on your POCKET! **

** Different Combination Toilet Mod **

More than 80 distinct cars and many performance parts! Produce, Mod and Race your own Mini 4WD!

1. Story Mode
○ Single player RPG effort
○ Over 150 Unique Levels
○ Tough Boss Battles
○ Unlock Avatars to work within additional Modes

2. Online PVP Mode
○ Challenge actual players via smart fitting system
○ Notice how your altered Mini 4WD piles up against the competition

3. Online Events
○ Particular format races
○ Weekly specialization races ○ Limited edition automobile races

4. Daily Time Attack Races
○ Challenge daily goal time
○ Daily random monitors to challenge participant customization abilities

5. Team Mode
○ Create and manage your Race Team with buddies
○ Compete in staff rank
○ Team chat platform

Many gamers are not familiar with Mini 4WD. So what’s Mini 4WD?

Mini 4WD is any mini version within the miniature scale of involving 1/20 (1:20) Into 1/48 (1:48) range. Presently, in 2015, the Expression is popularized Chiefly with a 1/32 (1:32) scaled, AA battery powered a plastic version Race car with no remote control. Each four (4) wheels are direct-drive, Thus” 4WD” to get the 4-wheel drive, instead of” AWD” or even All-wheel drive. Horizontal side rollers direct the automobile contrary to the vertical Walls of this un-banked monitor for steering, providing very rapid speeds upward Into 65 km/H (40 miles ) on the monitor. In Japan, Mini 4WD can also be called Miniature yonku (ミニ四駆) in Western. Though widely popular in Asia they are Sold in several nations like Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Italy, the United States and also the Netherlands.

** Actual Movements with Mini 4WD! **


  1. Always Perfect Start.
  2. Always Wins (Story Mode only)
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