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Mirrors – The Light Reflection Puzzle Game 1.0 APK Free


The latest apk update this time with the category Puzzle titled Mirrors – The Light Reflection Puzzle Game 1.0, you can download on the link below, may be useful for you.

Mirrors is a light reflecting puzzle game inspired by The Mummy and the Ancient Egyptian method of reflecting light with mirrors.

In Mirrors, you play as an adventurer searching for treasure in a vast number of tombs. To navigate through the tombs, reflect beams of light around using the mirrors that are at your disposal. Hit the receptacle with the light and the door to the next tomb will become unlocked. The deeper into the ruins you venture, the more dangerous it becomes. Overcome obstacles, avoid traps with the reflection and defeat enemies while attempting to complete each tomb and retrieve the Canopic Jars.

When you’re done searching for treasure there are other ways to put your adventuring skills to good use. Why not put yourself to the test in the timed mode? Think you’re better than a Pharaoh? Try your hand at creating your own levels with the Level Creator, then head on over to the Curator’s Well and show them off to your friends.

Good luck, adventurer!


Mirrors was developed by Monocool Interactive and was originally available on PC, Linux and Mac.


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