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モン娘は~れむ【モンはれ】モン娘美少女育成ゲーム×バトルゲーム 5.5.0 MOD


The latest apk update this time with the category Role Playing titled Monster Girls 5.5.0, you can download on the link below, may be useful for you.

◇ ◆ You can choose your favorite Mondo daughter in the tutorial! No need for lesmala! ◆ ◇ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ Collect cute monster girls and aim for the Makai strongest! ◇ ◇

◇ Synopsis

The world where only monster girls live, Makai …
There are a demon king of a certain devil, under the name of their own Makai reconstruction Gathered the monster girls in the Makai world, and stood up to make the best harem in history of the Makai world!
An interesting game appeared that raises cute girls’ Mont girls and makes great adventures!

◇ ◇ Game Contents – ◎ The feature of monkeys is pretty girls app anyhow pretty! Moving smoothly! Over 250 monster girls!
– Moe character games of cute girls animating smoothly and expressively by 2D animation engine “E-mote (emote)”! ※ It is not live 2d
Moe Charamon girls with over 250 people move everything!
It is a beautiful girl game application that watches the growth of cute girls like Moe apps

◎ Battle game system that holds sweat in hand! It’s not just a Moe game!

In addition, progressing in real time, battle game playing sweat in hand! Of course it is free
Battle rpg game which popular mon-girls’ personality shines, using various colorful and flashy skills – Easy operation but hot, new feeling of new feeling Mondo daughter Battle Gee!
Strategically Training Cultivating SLG Game (Training Simulation Game) There are elements as well

◎ Pick up communication and raise it! Monday’s girl nurturing beauty girls

For the brief rest of the battle … You can go out with a daughter of Mong!
Cute Mont Girl Talk to the girl and train it! I will nurture until evolving …! What?
Free girls who can play young girls and pretty girls in cute girls monster!

◎ Over 100 people! Gorgeous voice actors who colorize individuality girls
participating voice actors: (in no particular order: honorific title abbreviation)

Naomi Ohgi / Hitomi Owa Doll / Hayato Ono / Rika Ono / Kuwabara Yumi Ogi Mikoto / Old castle Masayuki Sawashiro / Miyuki Sawashiro / Masayuki Sakiro / Emiko Takeuchi / Yumi Taniguchi / Yumeno Taniguchi / Haruka Terai / Azalea Nanase / Asumito Daishi / Miki Haseya
Rika Hayase / Ann Kuruno / Yoko Fukui / Yukiyo Fujii
Yori Matsuko / Yoshino Yano
Yamanaka Yuri / Yamashita Miyomi / Yamamoto Ayobu

Irida Riho / Sakura Ayane / Kano Misaki / Yoshida Yuri
Koshimizu Ami / Kobayashi Keiko / Nishi Asuka
Tokui Aozora / Kubo Yuki / Ogura Yui / Kondo Yui Takahashi Tomoaki / Nanase Ayatsu / Igarashi Yumi / Toda Megumi
Ban Megumi / Ise Mariya / ASAKO YAKI / Yoshi Koiwai / Yu Kobayashi / M · A · O / Yuzu Ohno
Haruka Kimura / Yuka Otsubo / Ayano Shinnen / Megumi Takamoto / Yui Makino / Planting Hikaru / Izawa Shiori / Hashimoto Chinami Miyamoto Kanako / Ishihara Noriyori Tachibana Rika / Oki Kanae
Water Minase Inori / Aoshi Kana / Akasaki Chinatsu / Sarui Arai / Underground Shino / Koki Nozomi / Machico and many others participate !

◇ Recommended for those who like monkeys!
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◇ Notice

※ Recommended model is required for Android 4.3 or higher. (RAM 2 GB or more is recommended)
* Some terminals, tablets, etc., display may be distorted or may not work properly. * Communication with the server occurs while the game is in progress. Please enjoy in a communicable environment. ※ This game is basic play free of charge, but there are some paid items.
* In this application we will acquire the access log related to the application in order to improve the quality of service. Please note.
※ Please be aware that if you inherit user data between iOS · Android, you can not take over the data of the magma.

◇ Application Provider

FRE Co., Ltd. Applications Recommended Popular Bishoung Game Apps Here is a free application – Pasuteru Memories



1. Player High Damage.


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