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初音ミクぐらふぃコレクション なぞの音楽すい星 v3.1.2 MOD ( Weak Enemy )


初音ミクぐらふぃコレクション なぞの音楽すい星 v3.1.2 – Crypton Future Media
New genre [songs ] RPG seemed to deliver!
The recognizable”famous tune” from the movie Website
Let us visit the Hatsune Miku and experience to BGM!
【narrative 】
Together with the flying of this comet of the puzzle, All the noise
It is now mad! It had been lost
Attempting to Embark to experience to recover a noise!
[Game Guide ]
A Variety of creators That Are active around the Internet
Under the collaboration, here are a few songs and examples
Collect! Particular was the number of audio in the motif
To clean several phases, the”lost audio.”
Attempting to Finish!
[Theme tune grated write DECO * 27! ]
The theme tune to the picture of the application
Top founders DECO * 27 is grated write!
In total chorus and audio will start the match
It’s likely to listen to!
[Quirky Characters]
Famous illustrator That Are busy around the Internet
Select up about 200 distinct from the functions!
Illustrations later on also adding more! collect
Illustration card to savor Just watching
Many started to Hatsune Miku, Rin, Len,
Luka, MEIKO, of KAITO and krypton
Digital singer Gotham! Illustrations
Attempting to construct the most powerful deck accumulated.
[Timing is essential! A fresh sense of battle strategy ]
Effortless operation with touch panel! Music sport design
Adopted a conflict UI, It’s a timely touch
Can When the ability point increase!
Strong accumulated skill points Attack!
[… Nante that tune sounds like that ]
Of such Kind of a note thing the”magical laptop.”
By discovering at every stage, the point
The BGM music would be to recover the initial shape little by little
To go. Music to Go Back to the original arrangement is also,
Without an odd sense of this ever discovered
You’ll have the ability to experience.
[Cute to avatar system]
From lace clothing to hand-held things, free
An avatar system that coordination May Enjoy
Powered by. Costume things various effects can be obtained
Completed accumulated a purchase can costume substance in Quest
Then you.
[Rich participation founders ]
· Music
DECO * 27 / / Travolta / / Yasuo P / lamazeP /
Noboru ↑ P / lemon plus a large variety of founders participate from the other.
·An illustration
KEI / 7: 24 / / IXIMA / / Nidy-2D- / Notebook / Dark Lion
Of many places that Can’t be posted on another
We now have our alliance in illustrator.


 初音ミクぐらふぃコレクション なぞの音楽すい星 Screenshot 1 初音ミクぐらふぃコレクション なぞの音楽すい星 Screenshot 2 初音ミクぐらふぃコレクション なぞの音楽すい星 Screenshot 3 初音ミクぐらふぃコレクション なぞの音楽すい星 Screenshot 4

  1. Weak Enemy.
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