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Phantom Hearts: Romance You Choose v1.0.0 ( No ruby )


Phantom Hearts: Romance You Choose v1.0.0 – Your parents Have Been set to Proceed to Japan, but you decide to return to a Hometown by yourself after ten decades of being off. Some parts of this City have shifted; some haven’t. Ten Years Back, you left your Yelling and heartbroken best buddy. What’s going to happen when you return?

The College you have registered it seems reasonable at first. 2 Sisters quickly disturbs you — one who’s lively and courageous and the Other who’s shy and calm. They let you in on a little secret: maybe not Everything from the college is as it appears. The calm facade at college Is only hiding the scars and horrors underneath. A tragedy happened in The college not long ago, and it seems you have landed at the thick of it.

You’re reunited with your childhood friend with Grown into a gorgeous girl. This happiness doesn’t last long, however. An innocent trip to an abandoned school building turns into A living nightmare on account of your actions. With bodies piling and Rumors of ghosts haunting the halls, what do you do to assist your College and rescue your pals? The three beauties May Be able to help, But does one have the capacity to ensure you all make it outside Living…?


◆ Chloe

“I was not sure you would remember me, but I am glad you’re doing. I truly missed you…”

Chloe Is the childhood friend whom you have not seen for quite a few years. She’s been lonely since you left, but that You’re back, she is Attempting to reconnect. She is usually candy, but You’re the only person who manages to bring out a plethora of emotions out of her. Can you find What lies deep inside her heart?

◆ Rita

“I have seen things, so will you today you’re here. I will secure my sister and this college regardless of what.”

Rita Is your energetic and enthusiastic woman who adores you on your very first day. She’s Anna’s older sister and always does her best to shield her Loved ones. She’s very courageous and follows you into anything experience or Puzzle you locate. Are you able to keep her protected from her Reckless behavior?

◆ Anna

“I will be honest… I’m scared, but I am more fearful of being lonely than I’m off help to learn what’s happening.”

Anna Is Rita’s younger sister and is a timid and tender soul. She’s frequently Scared in the face of risk, but she does her best to try and assist You in resolving the puzzle surrounding the college. Together with assistance, she could Find more assurance. Can you help her to recognize that she’s courageous for Confronting her fears?


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  1. No ruby consume for premium choices(work from the second time you choose)
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