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Planet of Heroes – MOBA 5v5 3.2 MOD ( Map )


The latest apk update this time with the category Strategy titled Planet of Heroes – MOBA 5v5 3.2, you can download on the link below, may be useful for you.

Welcome to Planet of Heroes 3.0!
3 lanes, big jungle, ganks and huge bosses: all MOBA features in your pocket!

Thousands of players are already fighting: are you up for the challenge? Brawl in PVP with friends, explore challenging missions in the PVE Campaigns, and compete in worldwide Ranked mode!

Fight on the new 5v5 map and enjoy the new expanded camera view, destroy jungle monsters on winding forest paths and fight mighty bosses — each objective you take brings you closer to victory! Remember that your team needs to destroy the enemy base in order to win, not score the most kills… Though it’ll certainly help 😉

Planet of Heroes is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, short MOBA, which combines the best elements of RPG and RTS: Exciting champions like paladins and assassins looking for glory (or die in vain), a map with tactical objectives, teamplay for the best strategies and loads of action to become legends in the Ranked mode!

Want to know our Features?

Action Gameplay
☆ Use your mobile like a controller – left thumb steers, right thumb executes!
☆ Jungle, Lane, Ganks, Dragon-like boss: all features from MOBAs inside your pocket!
☆ The strategic depth of traditional RPGs, in a gameplay you can get familiar with in a couple matches.

Fun without Limits
☆ Challenge players from all around the world – Planet of Heroes is a truly global multiplayer online game!
☆ Outdoor? Connection shaky? Doesn’t matter: the PVE Adventure Campaign and Practice happen on your phone!
☆ Craft Items, hunt Monsters and Bosses, clash with players, strike down bots, and collect new heroes!
☆ You will always know who leads his team to win. Detailed combat stats combined with in-battles classic «ace» expressions have never been better.

See you on the battlefield, warriors!

Please note: Planet of Heroes is free to download and free to play, however some game items may be acquired with real money, such as skins or consumables. These do not impact PVP whatsoever, yet if you wish to control your mobile spending, please protect your purchases by changing the settings in your Google Play Store app. A mobile network connection is required to play or download.



1. Map – ( bring up the icon and can find out the movements of the enemy within a certain time in the Map )

Tutorial :
1. Install playstore version and download OBB files ingame.
2. Go to Android/OBB folder on your device and rename game OBB with additional “x” or something.
3. Remove playstore version.
4. Install mod APK.
5. Go to Android/OBB and remove the added “x” from game data.
6. Enjoy.

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