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Plunder Kings v1.2.1


Plunder Kings v1.2.1 – How significant do you think you’re?

Plunder Kings Takes the traditional arcade shoot them ups and provides a cruel twist. You can Gamble with in-game money on how you feel you are likely to perform.

The Rogue-like shoot them you were searching for! Play as one of three Different distance pirates with exceptional ships and skills. Pair them with Special drones for entirely distinctive conflict mixes.
Take your Newfound powers to Avalon and steal EVERYTHING that is not bolted down. When that is not enough, bet your winnings future plays to Make ALL Of the distance billions!

* Master enormous stages across a giant world in battle.
* Gamble in your play style to make billions.
* Make use of your winnings to unlock skins, skills, drones and ultra moves.
* little bosses overflowing with glistening gold, it’s your responsibility to make them burst gloriously.
* Steal loot from enemies to improve your ship’s weapons in actual time.
* Total in-game objectives to enhance winnings.
* Enjoy highly polished boat combat with a problematic difficulty curve, If you consider yourself a casual gamer or a diehard bullet hell devotee.
* No advertisements or IAPs.

Welcome into a gambling issue. Welcome to the crazy world of Plunder Kings!


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