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オオカミ姫 [ みんなで協力 ターン制ギルドバトルのシミュレーションRPG ] 5.3.3 MOD


The latest apk update this time with the category Action titled Princess Wolf 5.3.3, you can download on the link below, may be useful for you.

Only the “wolf princess” can enjoy both the guild battle where you can enjoy cooperative play with your friends and the defense type shooting game you can play with alone in one application! !
Cool cute characters in the world of fantasy get excited, turn guild battle RPG! !
There is free gacha, so it’s a popular online game that you can start completely free.

The crisis of world destruction! What? Princess wolf is a big runaway! !
Defend the wolves with the Knights Grandmaster!
The truth hidden in the word “princess wolves”? A story of unexpected deployment is packed! !

【Starting dash gift for increasing dash! 】

Wolf Princess Game introduction
============== =====

Continent Eden floating in the sky. Semi-trees that rise through the center.
The Kingdom of Markt and its surrounding five countries spreading to enclose the base of Sephiroth were collectively called the Six Royal Countries and peaceful days continued.
In such a way the Princess of Markt Kingdom called “Princess of the Wolf” told peace to the end –

Cooperate with fellows, defeat enemy team! “Guild Battle”

Turn-based battle of up to 20 people versus 20 people! Let’s play games fighting with guild fellows!
Because it is a game that can play multiplayer, you can enjoy Simulation RPG (SRPG) with friends!
It belongs to the guild and cooperative play with members! Let’s advance the fight advantage by making full use of “mystery” for attack and support!
Let’s effectively use “Mana” and “Gilmana” consumed in various behaviors of turn-based battle, “GP” used for mystery! Make a strategic conference with the guild member in chat and enjoy cooperative battle game with online match-up game!
Let’s make full use of your brain in strategy simulation battle game!
Engage in a hot battle (hit fight) with an authentic guild battle game!

Defeat enemies approaching and defend the princess! Story Quest’s “Defense Shooting Game”

Let’s clear the quest with the line defense action shooter that is advanced by one person in idle time!
Complete the quest, let’s talk and enjoy the story games!
Let’s play exhilarating game as well as guild battle game of strategy simulation!
Since it is not only PvP element of online RPG, you can enjoy it without getting tired!
Defense game to fight against enemies approaching from the front, protect the princess!
Let’s organize an Order made up of avant-garde ‘Nights’ and rear guard ‘Slayer’!
“Knights” has different attack ranges depending on the unit and will automatically attack when enemies enter the attack range!
“Slayer” can shoot a wide variety of shots from the rear guard!
Let’s enjoy action RPG elements with refreshing action game!

■ Unique “Unit”

Fighting with the Princess Parents’ cute buddies’ Units’ are available at gacha and events!
Over 500 kinds of cool-cut cute characters to fellows and spirits, mecha and demon, gods!
unit can be used for both cooperating battle game and solo quest!

■ 5 “Attributes” of Unit

Quest, Guild Battle There are five units available in the game: “Strike”, “Range”, “Technical”, “Heel” and “Dark” There are attributes!
Guild Battle’s Army Attributes will be determined by the most attributes! Attention should be paid because the GPs consumed in the movement range and mystery are different depending on the attributes!
In case of Gilbert, consult attributes with chat and enjoy enjoying online cooperation games!

■ Hakoniwa “Unit Training Materials Available”

Unit can be trained by using reinforced materials other than Quest!
Reinforced materials can be collected with “Hakoniwa”! Let’s raise the level of “Hakoniwa” and get the rare material!
Overlap limit by stacking same unit, or using “Medal”! Raising and developing units Enjoy RPG elements as well!

CV by luxurious voice actors

Minoru Mizose Yukari Saito, Chiwa Saito, Saori Hayami, Yui Ogura, Yuichiro Umehara, Takuma Nagatsuka, Toshiki Masuda, Toshiki Masuda, Toshi Sakurai, Aya Suzaki Yukimi, Uehara Haruka, Takahashi Shinya, Kijima Ryuichi, Takahashi Tomoaki, Okubo Aiko, Fujii Yukiyo, Terai Haruka, Kamiya Erina (Masked Girls), Furukawa Sayuri, Go Jasu ■
Wolf Princess is recommended for this person!
· I like the simulation RPG (SRPG) of the turn strategy game game · I love guild type games and co-fighting games that can cooperate play in the game · In and ninja game · In role playing game where you can play online battle game Looking for things that girl characters come out
· I like strategically fighting games such as simulation RPG (SRPG) and tactics RPG. · I also want to enjoy refreshing action games such as shooting games in RPG
I am looking for a strategy game that is not a real time battle because I am good at playing games alternating like turn-based RPG

Looking for an application that both action RPG and tactical game can enjoy in online RPG It is · I also like to do real time battle with games fighting fellows from all over Japan, but action R I also like to play PG
I am looking for a popular RPG that can enjoy simulation game (SLG) and action RPG at the same time

I want to play a recruitment game with tactical simulation elements in addition to action games < br> · I’m looking for a role-playing game with free gacha at the royal road RPG and real RPG etc. (·) I want to play games everyone can enjoy with simulation game (SLG) of strategy simulation system
Among numerous 3D games, I like games that fight with my colleagues in strategy games and tactics games (fighting fans)
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with a friend Looking for cooperative battle game of turn-based RPG at game to fight at the beginning (

· Looking for game fighting with line defense in popular action game
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· Army and knights come out · Fantasy element strong online I want to play tor games
· You are looking for authentic SUBTORE online game with everyone’s favorite game, everyone’s game is hooked

Recommended specifications OS: Android OS 4.2 Afterwards Memory (RAM): 2 GB or more
Memory (RAM): Terminals below 1.5 GB are unstable due to unstable operation.



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File Size APK MOD : 48 MB

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