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Reaction Time Adventure v2.2 ( Money )


Reaction Time Adventure v2.2 – A Puzzle-Filled Journey of Cosmic Proportions!

Reaction Time is a free and addicting puzzle game by Tal Fishman, a YouTuber with more than 3
Billion Channel viewpoints and 11 million readers. Go on a fast-paced and Rewarding experience through the solar system at a stolen rocket boat to Earn power-ups because you construct hand-eye coordination and psychological acuity. Harness And drag the fitting colored stars to clean the board and find the Equipment and updates you want to achieve the outer borders of distance — but Watch out, new celebrities are continually emerging, so it is a race against The clock!

Reaction Timing is an adventure through the solar system And a thrilling race against the clock. Inspired by and generated Alongside the heads behind the favorite YouTube station, Reaction Time Brings the same fast-paced, high-energy experience you have seen in their Videos on your mobile device.

As Mr. Fishman, an expert Satellite cleaner fed-up together with the monotony of the job, you commandeer a Spaceship and put on a grand experience to the outer borders of our Solar system and in the unknown.

As you travel in the interior Planets and toward the constraints of the solar system, you ought to make Updates to your boat and gear by mastering six distinct Beat-the-clock struggles on each planet.

As Soon as You’ve mastered The challenges of the solar system, you access this whole Reaction Time Universe, a super-secret park of Further amounts Filled with fresh challenges and out-of-this-world rewards!

Your Goal

Getting The updates you will need to keep necessitates matching contours of the same Colour. Click and hold 1 form, then drop it on another of precisely the same Colour to create them both vanish. Continue removing contours of Fitting colors before the timer on the peak of the display runs out. After You have defeated the clock 2 parts of the update you need will Look on the monitor. Match people to move onto the next level!

It is Not as straightforward as it seems, however! New contours are constantly emerging Throughout the board, and should the board matches until the timer expires, You are out of luck, and it is Game Over.


Your Traveling throughout the solar system will probably be long and hard, but there Are three distinct in-game power-ups to provide you the advantage you want to Triumph! Power-ups will appear on the grid that you fit, or they can Be bought through the in-app shop.

LIGHTNING BOLT: Clear a Whole column of contours in the plank
BOMB: Clear a bunch of shapes in the plank
FREEZE: Freeze the timer for five minutes to get yourself some time


• Nine distinct explorable planets, using an entire enlarged world ahead
• Over 55 challenging amounts contained
• Hours of exercise to enhance hand-eye coordination and response time
• Fully animated cutscenes
• Evaluate your high scores with other people using our internet leaderboard
• In-app purchases supply access to further power-ups and level-skipping updates


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  1. Money.
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