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逆転オセロニア v2.17.1 ( Always Win )


Reverse Othello (Othellonia) v2.17.1 – ● It is so amusing when you shed! ○
Dramatic reversal conflict” reverse Otheronia”!!
With friends! With competitions throughout the nation! Enjoy real-time online conflict of luminous!!

● Super easy by just turning Pleasure Othello Battle!! ○
Easily play the principles of Othello.
Place, maintain, reverse, and turn the character’s bits!
Place the competitor’s HP to win and 0! Aim to get”good reverse” using a hand-held conflict!

● Polish your arms together with nationwide game course matches along with the daily Coliseum! ○
Compete for points with competitions Throughout the Nation, and run until this Diamond Master!
Cup game planning at high rank with limited amount and period of games! Coliseum is struggling to get rewards!
Can you endure the many different phases of battle?

● Some abilities to hasten the inverse combat! ○
Attack UP, Defense, Recovery, Curse, Poison, Trap, Penetration. The Mix of skills and combos of individual personalities is endless! Organize your decks and grab victory with the plans you’ve crafted!

Let us make it move up using ● -LRB-^_^-RRB- postage (> _ <) ○
Send stamps along with your competitor during conflict!
Sometimes inspire yourself, observe your competitor’s hardships, and make use of the stamps to produce the inverse battle live!

● Charming personality voice ○
Beautiful voice actors that revitalize the different battle participate!

·Hanazawa Kana
·Sawashiro Miyuki
・ Kijima Ryuichi
・ Koiwai Kotori
・ Kimura Suzu
・ Ohashi Ayaka

Some others (in arbitrary order)

The Period of Reversal”Relative Reversal” is awaiting you-

【Service Provider】
D NA Inc.

[Recommended OS variant ]
Android 4.1 or greater (RAM 2GB or higher) recommended
※ There’s a few deprecation, non-correspondence terminal

(1) Operation along with other than advocated versions and advocated OS models isn’t covered by service.
(2) Determined by the client’s use requirements, even the suggested version might be shaky.


 逆転オセロニア Screenshot 1 逆転オセロニア Screenshot 2 逆転オセロニア Screenshot 3 逆転オセロニア Screenshot 4

  1. Always Win
  2. Anti-cheat Removed
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