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RUSH : Rise up special heroes v1.0.98 ( Damage Multiple )


RUSH : Rise up special heroes v1.0.98 – ★Even if you increase your account amount, you may get a Ruby of 500 worth!

★ New accounts will get substantial rewards for two days!
Day 1 4-star Overlord Cain
Day two ★6 Hero Lottery
Day 3 ★6 Hero Lottery
Day 4 ★6 Hero Lottery
Day 5 ★6 Hero Lottery
Day 6 ★6 Hero Lottery
Day 7 ★6 Hero Lottery
Day 8 ★6 Hero Lottery

■■Intro ■■
■ Over 200 personalities to perform!

■ Adventure Mode for constant character training! Countless phases!
An experience to Look for the Soul Stone!

■ When Experience Mode gets too hard, try the Tower of Challenge!
Test your abilities in the Tower of Challenge for fantastic rewards!

■ Attempt the Arena Combat in case you believe you’re prepared!
Examine your power from duelling against other personalities!
Claim a couple of hundred gems each three times as a bonus reward!

■ Fight the World Boss at Rush!
Claim Rubies regular!
Get Gold on each challenge!

■ Perform Guild Boss Raid in real time with other personalities!
Guild Boss Raid is the pinnacle of Rush!
A Boss Raid Time-attack will start for many guild members in a Hurry at 8 PM every day!

■ Gather Soul Stones to maintain heroes around Overlords!
Soul Stones, the most crucial part of Rush!
Collect any hero!

■ Evolve your heroes by collecting Evolution Components at the Daily Dungeon!
Evolve your heroes into another level!
Evolve your very best heroes by collecting the same kind of components in the Daily Dungeon!

An endless adventure awaits your coming, protagonist!


 RUSH : Rise up special heroes Screenshot 1 RUSH : Rise up special heroes Screenshot 2 RUSH : Rise up special heroes Screenshot 3 RUSH : Rise up special heroes Screenshot 4

  1. Damage Multiple.
  2. Defense Multiple.
  3. Menu MOD.
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