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斉木楠雄のΨ難 妄想暴走!Ψキックバトル 2.1.2


Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan 2.1.2 – Wonder if you have passed many years from birth to KusunokiTakeshi
But when you baby was or floating objects fly the sky was surprised
Accustomed imperceptibly in such day-to-day … I’m mon strange

Tari me always took a likely late for company Dad in Teleport
Or fixed my plastic model was a miserable father of once and for all to rely on you

You have me growing up to gentle child father also mother also really happy … Guho’! Geho’ …
Soon Mr. K also in this house comes …
But fellow of the he wanted Sasenzo!
I do not know whether Yara who as of the Mr. K Miseru banged protect is that of the mother!

If at that time if there something in Dad KusunokiTakeshi … you you can stop Mr. K! ”

Saiki KusunokiTakeshi
“No that such a hard deployment?”

▼▼▼ “Saiki Ψ flame delusion runaway KusunokiTakeshi! Ψ kick battle” is such a game! ▼▼▼

■ battle messed delusion world!
Saiki of the characters of Ψ flame of KusunokiTakeshi, the world is that Anna delusion and such delusion had exploded stage!
Anything in the ant world, to fight and entertaining enemy coming to attack!

■ Enjoy a combination of your own team!
PK, such as students and Saiki family of school, familiar character appeared!
Activate and put the combination of a specific character to the team
Since there is also a special technique, let’s try a lot of combinations!

■ Grow your jewel character!
Grow to raise the level of the character entering the hand in the game app!
Is different skill to have by character!
Compatibility with the enemy character will also enjoy the strategic development think!

■ original voice recording by the gorgeous voice actors!
Saiki KusunokiTakeshi: Hiroshi Kamiya
燃堂 force: Daisuke Ono
Umifuji Shun: Island Yamazaki Nobunaga
Hairyokinekokorozashi: Satoshi Hino
Toritaba ReiFutoshi: Natsuki Hanae
Terukyo Kokorobi: Ai Kayano
YumeHara Chi予: Yukari Tamura
MeRyo Chisato: Maaya Uchida
Kubotani 須亜 lotus: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Saiki Sorasuke: Kenji Nojima


  1. Weaken the Enemy.
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