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Seven Guardians v1.2.32 MOD ( Improve defense )


Seven Guardians v1.2.32 – Asgard’s defenses have dropped! They want your help!
Lead your group of heroes to shield from the Undeads, once and for all!

# Take Your Choice!
You will find more than 300 heroes to select from!
Build your group of personalities from 7 distinct classes: Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Defender, Wizard, Golem, and Warlord.

# Want Back Up!
Support the team with the ideal tank; each permitted with unique abilities!
Clear the older Sanctuary towers of Asgard to unlock the Ancient Protectors and put in their mighty powers into your deck!

# Gear Up, Team! We’ve Got an Earth to Save!
Maximize your deck by locating & updating the proper weapons and gears to your heroes.
You’re able to strategize and construct numerous decks for specific kinds of enemies!
Select your tank sensibly! Each container provides an exceptional set of abilities to the battlefield area!

# Who is in Charge Over Here?
Compete against others and their decks in online PVP arenas!
Fortify your defenses and towers against other players!
Siege and ruin their defenses & towers!
Make team members and team up with your buddies to fight the raid managers!

# Ready Your Tank!
Nine distinct gameplay styles from Single Play, PVP Arenas, Sanctuary, Guild Raids and a lot more! Locate your favorite style!


seven guardians screenshot Screenshot 1seven guardians screenshot Screenshot 2seven guardians screenshot Screenshot 3seven guardians screenshot Screenshot 4

  1. Improve the attack (1~999)
  2. Improve defense (1~999)

NOTE : After the game is installed, it will automatically generate mod4u_sg.txt. In the memory card, you can change the coefficient according to your needs. Please remember to archive after the change.


File Size APK MOD : 88 MB

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