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Slow motion video FX: fast & slow mo editor v1.2.21


Slow motion video FX: fast & slow mo editor v1.2.21 – Produce Slow-mo video out of ordinary clip!
Create a slow-motion movie! You might even make magic quick motion video. This can be post-processing editor ✏️. It is possible to edit your film and alter a rate of it.

Slow Motion Video FX enables you to decide on the rate of the output picture. A Couple of thoughts:
– record your address and make it slow – you will sound very odd;
– create your address quickly – you’ll look like a small mouse!
– record a few things falling such as – tablespoon, blossoms, seeds and… make it slow – it’ll appear funny!
– listing you spitting water and slow down it;
– register your pets in the slow movement;
– Slow down your game activities. Create a slow-motion when you ride your snowboard or through browsing;
– Alter the film when you do tasks like jogging. Make the slowmo movie out of it;
– and of course, all other thoughts that come to mind:)

In the brand new version of the program, You’re able to use 2 Kinds of editing procedure:
A) Straightforward process – only slow-mo complete video. Just set the rate that you would like to place and revel in the video result.
b) Advanced procedure – here you can add specific time points and alter the price of a movie in various time points. Read more info below.

The Way to use the slow-mo program complicated procedure:
1) Opt for the movie you would like to slow down or accelerate. You can select it from the gallery, or capture the new one. Reduce video if you would like. Bear in mind, this is only an article processing program, and We Can’t magically Discover more fps, then your hardware camera gets. You can slow movement 24 Fps, but it is going to seem less obvious, then in case your camera record longer fps.
2) insert the points into the deadline, move them. Should you move the Point upward, you may add the rate to your picture. Should you move the stage Down, you may produce the movie slower. Should you depart the pain from the Middle, the price of this movie is not going to change.
3) play points, and save video into your gallery!
4) Insert video filters for your picture. Add music and sound!
5) play video in our slow movement participant, pick it in a gallery.

Our Slow-motion manufacturer is the just one, which allows making several factors With the different rate in 1 movie. The price of our program is shifting smoothly. Reduce the speed of the movie recorders — control movie frame rate How you prefer.

Try out some examples relating to this slo-mo video editor:
– slow movement with music
– slow movement hair reverse
– slowmo baseball swing
– breakdance, cat drinking, an automobile crash, and much more.

You Can select a period in our secure mode and pick your Slow-motion rate such as 1/2x, 1/3x around 1/5x or quick motion – video acceleration up to 5x.

Nowadays you’ve got slow motion camera into your pocket!

Output video could be uploaded to Youtube or even Instagram – show your buddies and get tens of thousands enjoys’! ❤️


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