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Smart Compass v2.7.1


Smart Compass v2.7.1 – Smart Compass is at the 3rd Collection of Their Smart Tools collection.

<< All of the compass programs take a magnetic detector (magnetometer). If this program doesn’t operate, please check the specifications of your apparatus. >>

This Internet compass is a tool to hunt bearings (azimuth, instructions ) with embedded magnetic detectors. It’s 4 Significant features under.

1. Even though you can turn your telephone into landscape or portrait style, the going is fixed.
2. The camera view is utilized for a fact.
3. Metal Detector is included to confirm magnetic detector.
4. GPS and Google Maps are encouraged.

The Compass app is dependent upon the functioning of your device. If the Compass works flawlessly, it means your sensors are ideal, too.
If It’s inaccurate, please check that a magnetic field is not influencing yours. This program has a lot of alternatives to calibrate your device.

* Compass manners:
– Standard
– Telescope
– Nighttime
– Digital
– Google Maps
– Google Maps (satellite)
– Wallpaper picture

* Main attributes:
– True north
– Vertical line
– Azimuth forms (level, mil, quadrants, back azimuth)
– Coordinate types (decimal, level, UTM, MGRS)
– GPS Speedometer
– Screen capture
– Substance layout

* Guru version added attributes:
– No advertisements
– Sharing GPS place
– Qibla finder, Auto locator
– Person metal sensor

* Would you want to have more tools?
Download [Smart Compass Guru ] and [Smart Tools] bundle.

To learn more, see YouTube and see the website. Thank you.

** The view-cover using a magnet (particularly on Galaxy S and Galaxy Notice ) can produce the compass wrong. Take off it.


Smart Compass Screenshot 1Smart Compass Screenshot 2Smart Compass Screenshot 3Smart Compass Screenshot 4


File Size APK : 3 MB

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