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The Arcana – A Mystic Romance v1.55 MOD ( Unlimited Money )


The Arcana – A Mystic Romance v1.55 – Make decisions through an epic romance/mystery game. Relish your favorite characters, or select one of these to offer you a tarot reading from many different enticing choices.

You’re a prodigy of this magic arts, left to your own devices from the wandering mentor. Make decisions that shape your story because you fall headfirst into a whirlwind experience, full of a brilliant cast of characters that all have something in common: their fascination with you.

Delve deep into the core of intrigue, and discover a murder mystery that still hangs over the city like a shroud.

Be cautious what secrets you reveal and what decisions you make… yours is only one destiny that hangs in the balance. Magic, mystery, and romance await. Who will you decide to enjoy and that will you choose to condemn? How will your narrative unravel?

The Arcana is a lavish and interactive visual narrative, and otome motivated dating sim. Additionally, it supplies many different mysterious Tarot readings in your choice of favorite characters. You can pick your love, narrative, and your selection of styles. The puzzle unfurls in 22 novels (or episodes) that correspond to the 22 big Arcana cards in Tarot.

Within The Arcana, a participant Seeking romance, love, magic, puzzle and Tarot readings could:

– indulge in love with a personality of your choice (or love all of them!)
– make decisions through an otome-inspired, interactive murder mystery story
– pick your pronouns and be whomever you want to be
– play with a dating sim with a spin
– like your choice of mysterious Tarot readings (overall life, love, career, and pleasure ): select your cards and find out what puzzles they show
– I fall in love…
– earn prizes and postcards in our Heart Hunter mini sport!


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  1. Unlimited Money.
  2. Unlimited Keys.

File Size APK MOD : 96 MB

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