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The Spearman 1.1.4 ( MOD 1.1.3 Money )


The latest apk update this time with the category Arcade titled The Spearman 1.1.4, you can download on the link below, may be useful for you.

The spear is a throwing, piercing or piercing-chopping polearm weapon.
With the help of a spear, a warrior will be able to effectively counter a lot of enemies.
Control the Stickman to throw spears at other stickmans. You will be confronted by many enemies: archers, javelin throwers, armored swordsmen and even magicians.

Simply drag and drop your finger for targeting and throwing.
The power of throwing a spear is always the same, so you only need to aim and specify the direction of the throw.
Enemies die from one hit of a spear in the head and body or from two hits of the spear in the legs.

In the game there is a store with helmets, several defensive skills and an apple for healing.

Write in the comments of your impressions of the Spearman game.
Have a good game!



File Size APK : 35 MB

File Size APK MOD : 37 MB

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