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Volume Booster GOODEV v6.4 MOD ( Splashscreen Removed )


Volume Booster GOODEV v6.4 – Easy, small, completely free program to boost your headset or speaker sound volume. Useful for films, music books, and audio.

Use In your risk. Playing music at high volumes, particularly for a prolonged quantity of time, can ruin speakers or harm hearing. Some users HAVE reported ruined speakers and earphones. If you hear Distorted sound, lower the number (but it can be too late).

By Installing this program you agree you won’t hold its Programmer responsible for any damage to hardware or hearing loss, and you’re using it in your own risk. Take this to be experimental applications.

Not all devices support this program. Try it at your own risk and determine if yours works.

This program doesn’t work on many 4.2.1-4.3 apparatus. It ought to operate on 4.4 and higher, in addition to one device below 4.2.1.

This Isn’t for correcting the speakerphone volume in telephone calls (which has Its increase, I believe ), however for correcting the quantity of audio, films and programs.

When you place the increase to zero, then Volume Booster will probably be off. The notification icon is merely for ease of launch. If you do not Like visiting the notification icon when Volume Booster is away, head to Volume Booster’s Settings and set it to look just when Volume Booster is running


Volume Booster GOODEV Screenshot 1Volume Booster GOODEV Screenshot 2Volume Booster GOODEV Screenshot 3Volume Booster GOODEV Screenshot 4


● Splashscreen Removed
● Ads, Analytics libraries Removed
● Mod Off Line

File Size APK MOD : 1 MB

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