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Volume Profiles 2.3.3


Volume Profiles 2.3.3 – This is an app to create and set basic volume profiles on your device, you know, how the basic old phones used to do. It comes with five default profiles (which can quickly be deleted, or modified if needed). You can add you at any time by using the app, or select a model to use from the widget. This app is just for manual profile selection only.

** Due to some of the restrictions of various versions of the Android operating system, I have only included volume levels as they should work on all versions.

** Look and Feel of this application is dependent on the version of Android OS you are running.

How to use the app:
To select a profile for use, add the widget to your home screen. Then press the widget, a list of all your patterns will appear, then choose the profile you wish, and it will be set. Or select it from within the main app and press the Update & Apply Profile button

To add, or edit, a profile:
open up the app from the app drawer, and click the add button to add a pattern, or select a model from the list to edit it.

To delete a profile:
open up the app from the app drawer, then select any of the patterns and select “Delete” then confirm at the deletion popup.

This application uses no background services, only runs when you use it, and is made as simple as possible so it will run on any device without slowing down. If you experience any issues with this app, please send me an email, and I will fix the problems ASAP. Also please feel free to email suggestions for the app or any new apps that you would like to see available.



File Size APK : 2 MB

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