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白貓 ( White Cat ) Project 1.0.46 Full MOD


The latest apk update this time with the category Action titled 白貓 ( White Cat ) Project 1.0.46, you can download on the link below, may be useful for you.

“The world is entrusted to you.”

A revolutionary one-handed operation of 3D mobile games, “White Cat Project” shocked the stage!
The unique single finger can smoothly operate the system of moving, attacking, and deploying nirvana and other actions, giving you a different feeling. What are you waiting for? Come and experience it!

◆◇Leading the “single finger manipulation” function of the operation revolution on smart phones ◆◇
Move, attack, cast skills as long as the single finger operation
Freedom to travel through the vast world
Enjoy super gorgeous combat adventures!

◆◇ Challenge “Joint Fight” that can be played by up to 4 people ◆◇
Invite friends to nurture characters and enjoy the fight together!
Please courageously fight against powerful enemies!

◆◇Build your own town on the flight island ◆◇
The flying island that will appear in the game process
Can build gold mines that produce gold coins, as well as trains to strengthen characters, etc.
Mix and match various buildings according to your own preferences
Create a unique style of flying island!

◆The unique role of up to 10 occupations ◆◇
Swordsmen, gunmen, warriors, bowmen, fighters, wizards, double swordsmen, dragon knights, morphs, mad warriors 10 occupations will debut!
Group teams according to the task content and challenge all kinds of adventures!

◆◇ “Astrolabe” is the key to nurturing a role ◆◇
Use the astrolabe to nurture the characters who are partners!
Whether it’s giving priority to attack or liberating the skills you want
The method of cultivation allows you to create as you wish!

◆ ◇ deepening and friendship between partners 羁绊 ◆ ◇
The characters who become partners will debut on the flight island!
After deepening friendship, the partners will tell stories about him.
We will continue to deepen our enthusiasm and use the “friendship awakening” as a partner to enhance more powerful power!

◆The story of the woven around “White Cat” and “Black Cat” ◆◇
a long time ago story
a beautiful kingdom floating in the air
The muddy black cat fell in love with it.
a noble white cat distorted on the throne
This is the beginning of everything.

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1. Damage Increased.
2. God Mode.
3. Drop x20 – It applies to ALL items/currencies!

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